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Mattox, Terrell & Associates, Inc.

Negotiating property tax assessments can be better described as an "art" instead of a science. There is no magic to what we do; effort is the driving force. Quite often, effort is the only difference between the person who strives for success and the person who attains it. The secret to success in the property tax business lies in knowing more about the property than the taxing authorities do. At Mattox, Terrell & Associates, Inc., we are familiar with every aspect of the tax problems you face and offer time tested, proven methods of solution. We excel at appealing property taxes in Texas and we have affiliates throughout the United States.

Our integrity is unsurpassed among government tax authorities; they know we won’t waste their time. Because property tax officials are increasingly scrutinized by outside agencies, they expect well-documented, hard evidence to substantiate any proposed value changes. With full documentation of our position in hand, we are prepared to negotiate and follow the administrative appeal process as far as necessary to obtain the desired outcome.

Property taxes are the largest single expense item, exclusive of debt service, on a commercial property’s profit and loss statement. This fact is compounded by complicated bureaucratic procedures and heavy case loads which increase the likelihood of an inaccurate assessment. It makes good business sense to constantly monitor and control property taxes on an annual and ongoing basis. Mattox, Terrell & Associates, Inc. manage real and personal property taxes with the strongest commitment to service.

Our Services

Our company, Mattox, Terrell & Associates, Inc. is a property tax firm dedicated to customer service. The team at Mattox, Terrell & Associates have decades of experience. Our employees and associates each possess many years engaged in the tax consulting industry. We have found that the best consultant is the most informed one, and the best way to become informed is to get to know the clients and properties represented. We do our homework, and it shows in the tax savings achieved. We feel each client's needs must be met by a customized approach for each property. When you sit down with an MTA Associate, we listen to those needs and develop a program to fit them exactly. With us, you are going to get exactly what we outline in our proposal to you....our word is our bond.

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Our Houston office specializes in value negotiations for South and Central Texas as well as Louisiana. Being headquartered in Houston, we are familiar with all the commercial appraisers at the Harris County Appraisal District as well as most appraisal districts in Texas. The firm has handled thousands of appeals before the Appraisal Review Board and are familiar with the entire hearing process. Our expertise lies in all types of commercial property tax value negotiations including office buildings, apartments, warehouses, hotels, retail, industrial, hospitals, nursing homes, and land. We also specialize in the valuation of 1031 Tax Exchanges & Tenants in Common (TICS).

What We Do

  • Appeal Property Tax Values
  • Real Estate And Personal Property Rendition and Appeals
  • Tax Appeal of 1031 Tax Exchanges and Tenants In Common (TICS)
  • Exemption & Tax Abatements
  • Assistance in Litigation, Mediation & Binding Arbitration
  • Legislative Input & Expert Witness Testimony as Property Tax Professionals
  • Real Estate Assessment Analysis and Appeals Tax Compliance and Administration
  • Pre-Acquisition and Construction Tax Analysis
  • Personal Property Audits and Appeals
  • Portfolio Tax Administration
  • Target Valuation and Consultations
  • Conduct On-Site Inspections
  • Apply for Qualifying Exemptions
  • Property Tax Budgeting and Reporting
  • Client and Third Party Interface
  • Delinquent Tax Searches
  • Expert Testimony
  • In-House Tax Program Support and Consultation
  • Tax Bill Assistance
  • Texas Property Tax Expertise
  • National Presence

Our Clients

Mattox Terrell clients
Mattox Terrell clients